2016 Conference Recap

2016 Conference Recap by Valerie Specht, President

Essential Job Skills for the Hospitality Industry
(Jennifer Klinger and Courtney McKenna, Hershey Entertainment and Resorts)

This presentation provided business review of Hershey Entertainment and Resorts along with sharing HE&R’s goals and objectives to support relationships with High Schools within the local market. Best practices on transferable job skills valuable with the emerging workforce were presented along with how this audience is targeted. Employment opportunities as well and ideas to further partner with members of the audience were included in this valuable session.

Money: Practice What You Preach and Preach What You Practice
(Doug Hassenbein, Assistant Investor Education Coordinator, PA Dept. of Banking)

Attendees learned how and why “practicing what you preach” and “preaching what you practice” when it comes to understanding your own investments and financial goals can be a win-win for you and your students. Session attendees also learned about free investor education resources for educators.

10 Ways Google Forms Can Transform Your Classroom!
(Matt Bergman, Educator)

Google Forms is a powerful resource, which allows you to simplify the way you assess students, collect data, and transform learning. Matt Bergman shared 10 practical ways to use Google Forms to transform your classroom. He presented on how to energize and personalize student learning, while saving time and streamlining assessment and data collection.

Credentials for a Digital World(
(Sharon Green, Territory Manager, Certiport)

Sharon presented: Why Certify? Prove you have the skills that employers are looking for. She gave tips on how to boost your workforce resume and gain valuable experience and confidence while preparing yourself for a successful future.

Soft Skills…Are They Really That Hard?

(Curtis Voelker and Dr. Babinchak, Central Penn College) This presentation educated and generated discussion on “simple” things we expect our youth to do but are noticing a decline. Discussion centered on how can we help better prepare our youth for their professional futures.

Teaching About Social Media
(Dr. James R. Beeghley, Educational Technologist, Blogger and Education Consultant)

This session discussed how you can talk to your students about being good citizens online and the importance of making good online choices along with providing an overview of various social media tools.

Expanding Financial Education Beyond the Classroom: PSECU’s WalletWorks Program

PSECU shared its WalletWorks Program with session attendees. It focused on how PSECU is doing its part in alleviating financial stressors by providing free financial education programming for both members and non-members alike. Attendees learned more about the work PSECU has done on the college level with their award-winning financial education programming and the ways in which they have been working to expand their reach to the K-12 audience.

Tech 30: Digital Tools That Instantly Engage Students
(Rob Donatelli, Educator)

This session presented attendees with an Educators’ Horn of Plenty, made up of many digital resources to use in the classroom. The resources included both websites and apps and examples of how to use them in the classroom. This session introduced attendees to the resources.

The Benefits of a Young Investors Society Club
(Mike Zisa, BCIT Teacher at Pennsbury High School and Author)

Session attendees received an introduction to YIS (a non-profit organization) and how simple it is to start a club and learned about the benefits for students in YIS including the Dollar-a-Day challenge, stock pitch competitions, networking with professionals in the finance industry, and the opportunity to complete the CYFA designation.

Can You Do That? Copyright and Fair Use in the Classroom
(Alexandria Konsur, Instructional Technology Integration Specialist, NEIU #19)

This presentation aimed to describe the unique opportunities teachers have under Copyright Law as well as to inform attendees of the law’s content as well as how reasoning can occur when thinking of claiming Fair Use.

Feeling Fresh: PDE Updates and Information
(Mindy Freidin-Mansfield and Jean Kelleher, PDE)

Presenters discussed Department of Education initiatives including Pennsylvania House Bill 833, Program of Study Task Grids, the SOAR Program, Articulation Agreements, Insurance 101 lesson plan, financial literacy, and ACT 48 rollover. Participants had the opportunity to ask questions at the end of this session.

Enhancing Teaching with Technology
(Jessica Miller, Educator, Millersburg Area School District)

Too many teachers view the integration of technology into their lesson planning as “one more thing” they have to do. In this presentation, attendees learned some easy, effective ways to incorporate technology into your teaching to engage students and inform your instruction AT THE SAME TIME!

Federal Reserve and Financial Education Resources
(Todd Zartman, Economic Education Specialist Federal Reserve)

This session relied heavily on active and collaborative learning teaching demonstrations, which will engage the participants in the lessons and materials used by the FRB of Philadelphia in the Keys to Financial Success curriculum. The participants were introduced to the lessons and materials available to educators. The participants left the session with at least two full lessons available for immediate use in their classrooms and knowledge of the many resources, including the “Keys to Financial Success” high school personal finance program, which are available free of charge for use in classrooms.