2016 Conference Recap

2016 Conference Recap by Valerie Specht, President Essential Job Skills for the Hospitality Industry (Jennifer Klinger and Courtney McKenna, Hershey [Read More]

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Phone your representative and ask him/her to support the Financial Education Legislation and point out that BCIT educators are highly qualified and have financial standards and education behind their degrees enabling them to educate our students about financial topics.

Improving Business Education Across Pennsylvania

  • PBEA has been instrumental with initiating, writing and posting the BCIT State Standards
  • PBEA is working with PDE as representatives on committees writing the Student Learning Objectives for the new Teacher Evaluation Template
  • PBEA has presented at the School Boards Association
  • PBEA has co-presented at many BCIT related organization conferences: FBLA, NBEA, Integrated Learning Conference and Personal Finance Webinars.