The Pennsylvania Business Education Association (PBEA) is an organization made up of business educators at the secondary and post-secondary levels from across the state of Pennsylvania. This organization has been serving Pennsylvania educators since 1930. PBEA’s focus is the educational needs of its membership.


It is evident that business education is facing a critical time in Pennsylvania. PBEA recognizes its role in helping you prepare for this new wave of change and has renewed commitment to provide a network for formal and informal communication among educational environments, businesses and legislation. We must remain united as professionals and be heard, and the best way to be heard is through activity on the local level. PBEA is the leading organization for the advancement and promotion of business education!


  1. To provide members with an organization which will carry on a continuous study of problems and solutions relating to BCIT education.
  2. To offer a forum for the presentation of new ideas in BCIT education.
  3. To work for the constant improvement of the instructional quality that is being offered in BCIT education.
  4. To promote BCIT education programs and to secure state and federal cooperation and financial support for these programs.
  5. To influence the development, direction, and approval of BCIT curriculum at the state level.
  6. To maintain close and effective contacts with the business and government communities.
  7. To encourage and assist the development of effective cooperative educational programs.
  8. To encourage and support PBEA members in their assuming leadership roles in promoting educational programs at the local and state levels.