Education Ideas


Here are some helpful Education Links to check out:

  • Next Gen Personal Finance┬ácontains financial literacy resources and offers a variety of PD opportunities for teachers.
  • Stock market game(s) and entrepreneurship challenges as well as Shark Tank events and personal financial resources for grades K-12.
  • 100+ free sites for learning about business.
  • American Rhetoric is an online speech bank. It contains text, audio and video files of speeches.
  • Coocatteacher is a site where teachers can blog, share information and learn how to use different technologies in their classrooms.
  • How to Trade Stocks contains information about money, budgeting, investments and general financial information specifically geared towards teens.
  • Investopedia is an online dictionary of financial terms, articles, tutorials, free tools and a free fantasy investing pool.
  • Newseum is a site where the front pages of more than 800 newspapers worldwide are displayed each day. Just select a city and then a newspaper and then you can either read the PDF version or click through to the paper itself. This site changes everyday with the publication of new editions of the paper.
  • TeacherTube. A site with videos for teachers to use on various subjects.
  • TeacherWeb allows you to develop a web site and web activities very quickly and easily